Masonry Maintenance

Masonry Maintenance


Helical Bar/ Brick Stitching

Helical Bar

Cracks in masonry, brick and stone are the result of several factors. But by using a top quality chemical resin and stainless steel helical bars they can be repaired with no further damage to the wall, no costly or lengthy re-construction work and no inconvenience to the building's inhabitant

Stainless steel helical bars are chemically bonded into horizontal slots, machine cut into bed joints, which stitch across the crack. When installed, these bars evenly redistribute tensile forces over the reforced area to stabilise the structure. This is sometimes known as brick stitching

On completion, the bars and the chemical resin are  concealed by repointing and retaining the original character of the wall.

We specialise in all types of pointing and general brick and stone repair including waterproofing of external walls with breathable silicone.

Twist grip Brick ties

Helical wall ties are suitable for remedial use in all masonry wall types and are well suited for dry pin fixing of soldier course lintels. 

These advanced and newly patented wall ties are ideal for retrofit application and now have a European CE Mark Approval to EN845-1:2013 for use in a wide variety of masonry materials. They are available to suit a variety of cavity widths

Twist Grip Brick Ties

These work-hardened stainless steel brick ties cork-screw into brick, block and concrete when hammered into an undersized pilot hole to deliver a reliable undercut fixing. Simply drive each brick tie into a pilot hole in masonry walls using the impact action of a roto hammer drill for the easiest, quickest & most cost effective cavity wall tie replacement system on the market

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