Masonry Maintenance

Masonry Maintenance


Waterseal Coatings

Silicone Waterseal Masonry Sealer

Silicone Waterseal Masonry Sealer is a repellent brick sealer with a high active ingredient of a silicone silane chemical. Applied to prevent rain water penetration into brick, stone, render, concrete and other masonry based materials.

If your property has external walls that are exposed to the elements, particularly south west facing, it is important to keep the facing brick and pointing in good condition to prevent the passage of rainwater migrating across cavity insulation infill or solid wall construction through to the internal, decorated finish.

Once re-pointing has been done an application of Waterseal masonry repellent brick sealer should be applied to the entire wall.

Special Properties: 

Penetrates deep into the substrates

Water based for use on dry or damp walls

Non hazardous fast acting,

Superior performance to solvent based systems

Easy to apply by spray

Only one coat required

Protects against dust, dirt and efflorescence

Guaranteed for 10-12 years

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